Fog Season

We barely had some snow this snow. It’s less and less as the years pass by. What I did notice is that it happens more and more often that we have foggy mornings. I can’t remember seeing such dense fog in my childhood or as I was growing up.

Something’s definitely changing in the way weather occurs and how seasons come and go, I am stunned how we now have snowdrops at the end of January. These would only show up earliest at the end of February when I was little. I also remember how in at the beginning of May my grandmother would have tulips in her garden and only by the end of May roses. (I do know this very well because that’s my birthday was and my cousins so my grandmother would bring us flowers from her garden)

So many things have changed since. Let’s now take a look at my fog photos and some of my winter photos. Hope you enjoy!




Happy Spring! 🙂



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