The journey of discovery

As I’ve been focusing more on my life and less on my most precious hobby (photography) I really felt at times that I miss taking photographs. Even so, I would still try to go out and take photos, but it did not fill in the void I was feeling. After a while I realized that what I enjoyed mostly about going out with my camera was the adventure of discovering something to photograph, whether it was a leaf or a scenic view. I would wander a bit around, checking out the surroundings, looking for a good angle and desired light. Eventually I would find it, that moment worth capturing. Always.

I have learned this during my 365 days of photography. In the beginning I had quite a few ideas of what I what to photograph, but when I was out of ideas I had to just go out and let my myself go with the flow. Go on a adventure not knowing what is it that I will find today. It’s incredibly wonderful and unique. I would then head home with a few jewelries captured with my camera and share with the world.

The other thing I was missing, which I only realized today, is something I was doing after post-processing my photographs. Most of the time (90%) I was also looking for the right words to express my feelings: my feelings that day or while I took the photo or from that evening. I would surf the internet to find the perfect quote or sentence. The perfect quote which would match my state of mind was the one which would make me shiver and smile and lit up my eyes.


These two I miss most, the two adventures I take while creating a piece of me.




8 thoughts on “The journey of discovery

  1. Dear Klaudia!

    I hear you and am glad that you still follow your passion – because it first makes you happy and then it makes us, your followers happy! 😀

    I love the picture you posted today – the one you described in words as well as the landscape one beneath with the golden light and the apptly chosen quote. ❤

    Thank you for continuusly sharing yor passion!

    Much love,

    1. Thank you very much Stefanie! I also believe it is important to never give up on our passions, at least one should we keep because it makes our soul joyful! 🙂 Wish you a lovely Monday!

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