Week 5 + Week 6 : 10 Shots + Cand

I got 2 weeks behind with assignments and I am not even half way through the year.  But it is what it is and there’s no point in giving you excuses on why I didn’t post my work on my time.

That’s why this week, which is actually week 6 I will post 2 weeks worth of themes and by the end of the week I will get back with the current theme.


Week 5 had the theme of 10 shits in different angles and then choose the favorite one to post it. I photographed a couple of snowdrops in a glass of water. Snowdrops, it is said, announce the arrival of Spring, so I hope in less than a month the weather gets warmer ’cause I absolutely love Spring.



The theme for the sixth week was “Candy”, but without using any candy. Not an easy one. It required some thinking, so I came to the idea that  make-up can look very similar to a candy bar, with all the colors and glitters sparkling. I decided to play around with my make-up on a black glass table and the result is bellow. It’s not the most colorful make-up set as I don’t really use that kind of vivid colors, but you got the idea 🙂







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