Week 18 : going for 42

I’ve started this 52weeks of photography project full of hopes and very excited for all the different themes I was going to cover.

Life is full of wonder, so after week 7 into the project the couting had to change. I was no longer aiming for 52 weeks of photography, but on a countdown of 42 weeks of pregnancy.

As most women here know, I was no longer able to continue because of the nausea and tiredness. I’m glad to be over those first 3 months now.

You can imagine that my entire hobby for photography ‘suffered’ and got let aside, but it’s normal (i guess). I’ll have my time later on. I haven’t named my blog for nothing ‘While I breathe, I photograph’.  I also believe that as a photographer, even if it’s as a hobby and not for a living, you never stop photographing with your eyes. Your eyesight is so used to noticing details, frames, shadow and light, that you continuously ‘capture’ images inside your head. The only disadvantage is that you can’t download the data. What remains is a memory..

I’ll live with my beautiful memories for a while and share every now and then words or photos, depending on my mood.

Wish you all beautiful May!

P.S. this is my favorite month of the year!


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